New X-Men trailer = Wow

The new X-Men trailer makes me believe that this series of films is beginning to truly approach the embodiment of the comic series in the manner I had hoped for all along.
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Uh... whoa.

Posted by Anonymous duane on 6:12 PM

Agreed. They are obviously not playing around this time.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 12:25 AM

Just as you think....

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:32 PM

The 7 minutes x-men trailers did show Wolverine move. It is cool. cannot wait until it coming out

x-men will be a good movie. cannot wait until it coming out. Do you guys think there will be another x-men?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:29 PM

x-men is the best movie i have ever seen in my life. The 3rd ont was the best.

Posted by Anonymous on 2:32 PM

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