I'm back, sorta

Well, last week was another PGA Championship. It represents the climax of our season, and our work, every summer. I'm very proud of this site. I didn't design it, but my team and I built virtually all the infrastructure that made it possible. We podcasted. I'm certain that is really cool, and it's neat to see the podcast show up in the iTunes Music Store, even if it was after the event.

I can't easily explain how stressful this week is for me every year. If any of the software, or any of the servers fail, it is my responsibility, through millions of page views and thousands of updates. I enter a zone for that week that I wouldn't want to be in all the time. On Monday, when they finished the tournament due to bad weather on Sunday, I saw the single fastest minute by minute increase in traffic I've ever seen in my career. I wish I could post the graphical representation of that traffic surge here. It pushed our server farm to it's limits, we started to saturate the available pipe we had to work with, and just when it seemed like we might be in trouble, the tournament ended and the traffic subsided.

This week, I slowly emerge from the mode I was in. I'm hoping to update more here starting today. I'm hoping to see my friends more often for the rest of the summer. Finally, I am hoping to take some time off and go somewhere new and adventurous for me. The roller coaster ride is over, for this year at least.

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