Flickr/Blogger Meetup/Rumble

Tonight is the monthly meeting of The Atlanta Flickr Meetup Group, which , as far as I know, is the oldest group of Flickr users who actually meet IRL. In addition, Lori's monthly Atlanta blogger get together/drink off is tonight. We have combined these into one uber meeting/rumble. Should be fun and interesting. Come out to the Highlander at 7:30 tonight and join us for some social fun afk. Directions and all the information you need are on the page linked above.
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I think you are right, Robert. It was the first Flickr meetup that I ever heard of.

We are OG!

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 4:04 PM

Thank you for starting the meetups! Because of you organizing the meetups (my first in L5P) I have met some really great people. And last night I even met some nice bloggers. You started a good thing!

Posted by Anonymous Slingerdoo on 9:27 AM

I'm really happy that this thing has gained momentum. We had almost 30 people there last night. (I counted 29!)

Posted by Blogger Robert on 10:51 AM

the best part is that we proved bloggers and flickrs can live together in peace and harmony. There was only one fist fight -- two at the most.

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 12:06 PM

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