Ketchup time

As usual, the slow posting pace here equates with busy time in my offline life. My parents visited two weekends ago. Naturally, it was a fun visit, as my parents are fun to be around, and I think we enjoy each other's company now more than we ever have. The pacing of the visit this year was different from the pacing last year, as they had visited before, and seen the house, and so there was less to show them for the first time. I also think they had been keeping a hectic schedule in Florida, where they were for a month previous to their visit with me. We shared a lovely day at the BellSouth Classic, the local PGA Tour golf tournament, and I managed to get a severe sunburn in the process. The sunburn is, of course, gone now, and it went from painful to peeling and has now settled into a light tan. I doubt that I will be enhancing the tan this weekend, as I am feeling the sinus effects of the pollen attack on our city that occurs every Spring.

The parental visit was followed immediately by an overnight visit from my Texas friend Steve. It was fun, but brief, making me realize how much I miss having him around here in Atlanta. This led directly into our crazy week of work covering The Masters. A great tournament, with a close ending. This, of course, equates with tremendous stress in covering that ending. Immediately after the post-tournament work was done, I spent a day with my cousin Jim and his wife Fatiha. They are great, smart, interesting folks, and I wish I had been able to spend more than a day with them. We went out for a delicous and messy Moroccan dinner (Fatiha is Moroccan.) This weekend, I look forward to some decompression, catching up on my reading, and doing laundry. I also have about ten posts to write here, ranging from local stuff to screwing their best customers. That will have to wait though.

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