Code Snippets: Store, sort and share source code, with tag goodness

Code Snippets is trying to do for code snippets what Flickr did for photos. I like the idea but it would be neat to have a built in feedback comment loop for each snippet. It would mean better snippets and better context for snippets, and would eliminate some posts that would be redundant.
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Peter, the developer of Snippets here. Yes, I totally agree, which is why comments were modelled from day one. However.. the controller and view code just isn't in yet. Snippets was really a two day challenge, so future builds will catch up with all the 'goodies' :-) Thanks for the support though!

Posted by Anonymous Peter Cooper on 4:12 PM

I have been using CodeXchange add in for Vis Studio 2k3 for about a month now, and I have come to the conclusion that it is a neat idea (basically same as Snippets minus the tags and integrates in Vis Studio for us MSofties). In all honesty though 2 things I have discovered with it: a.) I can never find code that I need, just neat snippets of stuff that, albeit good code, isnít near anything that I need, and b.) There are not enough people submitting code, only leechers. I can understand this in a commercial setting (I don't submit my employers code anywhere). Hopefully all dev communities can gather around one of these sites and really submit some good stuff; else they are really just useless.

Posted by Blogger cyan on 12:21 PM

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