I attended a group called Bloggers and Beer last Tuesday night, you may have seen the pictures in my Flickr feed to the right. I meant to post about it last week. I had a great time. Blogging attracts interesting people with diverse interests. If course, I already knew Bobafred, he's a mainstay of my crew here in the ATL. I had also previously met Scott and his blogless wife Lisa. I hadn't however, met Lady Crumpet, who, it turns out, lives right down the street from me. I also met Titus and HollisMb for the first time. Everyone was pleasant and interesting, and we teamed up to win at trivia, much to the chagrin of the regular patrons. I'm looking forward to attending these events on a regular basis, and hopefully we can continue to grow this little community.

Sadly Lori, who normally organizes this monthly get together, couldn't be with us, as her dog was quite sick. Even more sadly, her pup passed away. My sympathies go out to her. Losing a beloved pet is a traumatic experience.

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Thanks, bump. That was sweet.

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