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Harold and Jumar Poster I finally got around to seeing Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle last night, renting it for 4 dollars on my Comcast's in demand service, which I am rapidly becoming addicted to. It's a funny, witty movie that contains many in jokes if you can look beyond the Cheech and Chong veneer that it is wrapped in, which is juvenile and sophomoric at its worst. It's one of those movies that crammed a lot of things and subplot lines into a regular sized movie, yet it doesn't feel rushed or overly crammed. Naturally, it is one of those movies that will appeal more to men than women, and probably men in the demographic age-wise of early thirties down to teens. I went into it with medium sized expectations, one of my co-workers sang it high praises, despite the fact that he doesn't like most of the comedies that I love, including Seinfeld and Napolean Dynamite, to name two, this one hit the mark squarely. I recommend it as a guilty pleasure movie on a weekend night in, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Warning, it may make you crave a White Castle burger, and that may be problematic in many parts of the country.

Still, I can't see purchasing it on DVD, I doubt I will watch it a second time, and I am trying to be more selective about what I do purchase on DVD. I woke up one day and realized that I have bought a lot of movies on DVD that I will never, ever want to watch again. (thus the birth of the box of DVD's to get rid of in the near future.) Things like this make me feel really stupid and wasteful, and so, instead of beating myself up over them, I'm trying not to do them.

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