Google versus Apple

If you had a thousand dollars, and could use it to buy either Google or Apple stock today, and were going to hang onto the stock for five years, which would be a better investment? Discuss.
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google cause they can't do no wrong.
seriously, I can't wait for G-Browser and GoogleIM ;)

Posted by Blogger asdren on 4:40 PM

Interesting - I just bought some Apple the other day - I'm excited about their current initiatives - and don't even own one (unfortunately I work with pcs) ...

Posted by Blogger Sean on 8:14 AM

Apple. As a more mature company, it has tasted failure and therefore knows better how to avoid it.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:37 AM

Google definatly.
They have spent less than apple has on capital expenditures in the last year, and they have seen their net income almost tripple. The fact is though that you may get more bang for your buck with apple in the short term though due to mac's current sucess in the music areana. Keep in mind though whatever mac figures out how to do some one else figures out how to make it more profitable.... Just an observation.

Posted by Blogger Roe on 2:43 PM

I would buy Apple stock. Apple has always exceeded expectations. Google is an impressive corporation; however, it's the survival of Apple that I'm drawn to. Many have thought that Apple would go under or be sold to another company, but they have always survived. This is the reason why I would choose AAPL.

Posted by Blogger Jason Maddox on 11:01 PM

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