World of Warcraft

It's unlike me to gush over a video game. I have always been a very enthusiastic player of video games, even when I was a kid, despite the fact that our home was console-less for my entire youth. I have to say, though, that I have never come across anything like World of Warcraft. The game itself is incredibly large, and they have done a fantastic job visually. They have also assembled the game in a manner that engenders all sorts of community. I admit that I haven't played similar games in the past, and so I may not have the full perspective necessary to rate this game effectively, but I can say that it is a joy to play. Building it must have been a massive task.
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I just posted on my site about WoW again as well. I've never played a game that's so fun to play this long after it's initial purchase. I'm nowhere near being bored with it yet. In fact, it's getting more fun now that my character is getting up there in levels.

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