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I should have mentioned it yesterday, iLife 2005 doesn't come pre-installed on the Mac Mini, they, instead included the commercial install disk, I'm guessing because it wasn't Gold Master when the Mac Mini software disk went Gold Master. Deconstructing Mini takes a look at the Mac Mini on the inside. MacWorld also has a dedicated Mac Mini mini-portal. I posted a Flickr Picture of the line at the Atlanta Apple Store before opening on Saturday. Although not specifically Mac Mini related, Derrick Story has a tips piece on upgrading to iPhoto 2005. It uses a different library and thumbnail format, and so upgrading can take a while if you have a lot of images. I did it last night though, and it only took 8 minutes to do all 7800 pictures in my library on my Mac Mini. I like the UI tweaking that was done on the new version of iPhoto, although it was a little confusing at first to re-orient myself to reorganized menus. Smash is torrenting the PDF version of the Mac Mini technical documentation.

Macintouch also has a pretty in-depth page running on nothing but Mac Mini review and news content.

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Congrats on the Mac Mini. It's wild, but I know five people who bought Minis on the first day of release -- two of them first-time Mac buyers. I know market share doesn't matter, but I'd be really curious to see the Mac vs. Windows market share statistics for home computers (excluding corporate) because when I was in NYC, every person I visited had a Mac. My mom switched to Mac. All my friends except for a small minority have switched to Mac, and I think this Mini is going to be a HUGE seller: it's exactly what I've been whining about needing for 2-3 years now. I love my iMac, but would have gladly purchased the Mini instead, even with slower internal drive, just for the leveragable display factor (you can't easily reuse an iMac's display).

Anyway, I have 13,900 photos in my photo library and upgraded to iLife '05 last night. It took about an hour to update my thumbnails, but once they were upgraded, iPhoto was so much more responsive and performed all tasks, including importing new photos, way faster than the old version. I highly recommend the upgrade for that reason alone, as I was about to delete a huge portion of my Photo library just to make iPhoto usable again. The spinning beach ball was about to kill me, yo.

Also, I got iWork. Haven't used it yet, but I'm hoping to leave the ghetto of Microsoft Word ASAP.

And on a final nerd note, I think we should bumrush Mingalings little blog meetup thingy... I think she sent you an invite. Let's get a posse up!

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