Atlanta Falcons stomped in Philly, but we still love 'em

Our Atlanta Falcons didn't fare so well against a well coached Philadelphia squad today. Hats off to Philly, and their fans, who have waited long enough for this moment. The game wasn't filled with huge plays, the Eagles out performed the Falcons on almost every level. The Falcons defense played a great game, but the offense seemed out of kilter throughout the game. If nothing else, this game was an excellent demonstration of the type of quarterback that Michael Vick could become with good maturation in Donovan McNabb. He played a fantastic game, ran when he had to, passed well, and made good decisions. Mr. Vick was harried by the Eagles defense throughout the game, and never really got it going. For next year, I would like to see more wide receiver talent here in Atlanta, as I think that would make a big difference. Right now, the Pats are dominating the Steelers, so the dream of an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl is unlikely.
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