Atlanta Falcons get over the hump

The Atlanta Falcons handed the St. Louis Rams an ass whooping last night. All I can say is that, in the years I have lived here in Atlanta, I have never, ever, seen so many people so enthusiastic about the Falcons. Last night, we had to go to a second sports bar to find a table, and we were lucky to even get a table at the second bar. The Falcons franchise, and Arthur Blank, the owner, deserve a ton of credit. Blank has made the right decisions at the right time over the last couple of years, and didn't make rash decisions when originally purchasing the team. His patience is now paying off. For a town that is really a football town, we have at least a couple of years of this level of success to look froward to. Go Falcons!!
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Watched with enthusiasm last night from Michigan. -- I must admit - once the score got outta hand - I was really hoping Mora would sit Vick. I'm rather surprised he played the entire game. All it takes is one big tackle and that aspect of the Falcons game is gone.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:05 PM

Yes, well, it didn't hurt, I suppose, that our Rams really, really blow this year.

Posted by Blogger TheBrad on 5:33 PM

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