Apple One Day Sale

Apple is running a one day sale at their retail stores and online. All the iPods are marked down, as is the Airport Express, the new iMacs, .Mac, and a bunch of other stuff. I was going to go get a copy of World of Warcraft anyway... Update: I went up and the Apple Store was crazy crazy busy. In fact, the mall, no surprise, was about as crazy as it gets. I don't understand the mentality that says today is the day to do your Christmas shopping. I guess the sales are good, but retail is more expensive than online anyway, so if you are looking for the best price, wouldn't it make sense to stay away from the mall anyway? Picked up my copy of World of Warcraft. It was the last one at the game store, much to the disappointment of two people behind me in line. It also takes up a whopping 4 gb of hard drive space, so I have some drive cleaning to do before I can even install it. I wish that laptop drives were keeping pace with desktop ones.
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