New Orleans, it's on

So, I arrived in New Orleans (nola) this afternoon. Everything so far has been a little bit off kilter. First, my room wasn't ready and I had to wait in the Executive Lounge for an hour before they had my room ready. Instead of a non-smoking room, which is what I asked for, I got a smoking room with the ash trays removed. This place smells awful. There is an Everquest Convention going on in the hotel I am making my temporary home. As a result, there are some odd looking folks, even odder than your normal computer convention crew, wandering the halls. In addition, the hotel's in-room Internet service is being rendered downright unusable. I can only surmise that the bandwidth is being sucked up with hundreds of Everquest sessions going on, but doing anything even slightly Broadbandish is brutally slow. The result will be that any picture posting may have to wait until either their convention ends, or I can get to a faster, less logjammed connection.
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Are you from Camp Hazen in Chester, CT?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:59 AM

Yep, I went to Hazen, and then was an LEA and AC there.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 7:15 PM

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