IKEA Atlanta on the horizon

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the construction on the IKEA Atlanta store is underway. From the looks of the map, it's in the huge new multiuse project named Atlantic Station.
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Indeed it is in Atlantic Station. I hope the new, uninspiring 17th street bridge can handle the crushing weight of all those humans seeking cheap deforestation furniture!

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 9:48 PM

You might want to check you facts on IKEA. They are committed to renewable resources, wasting as little as possible and recycling the rest. Their furniture is veneered, pressed board - what you might think is cheap - but actually is a fantastic way to make more with less, for less and for the rest of us who choose not to shop at import stores selling solid wood furnishings.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:03 AM

That's cool to know "anonymous", could you cite me sources so I can educate myself?

Posted by Blogger Robert on 12:12 PM

I am a different anonymous, posting anonymously because I don't want to bother with signing up. I stumbled across this and want to come to Ikea's defense. So...try, like, the website. There's a thing called the internet. Search for any info about their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They're all about it.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:19 AM

Let me get into the middle of this thing. I can see some of you only feel alive when you are hating something. IKEA does have a recycling and social concience. THey do however lack in some awareness. One area is healthy indoor quality. Are the binders used in their pressed woods formaldyhyde free? Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoors because of chemicals used in various processing of household goods. Fabrics, rugs and pressboard can contain formaldyhyde and it is very very carcinogenic. I dont know if IKEA embraces this part of green building yet.

Posted by Anonymous chris hamman on 2:19 PM

Let's see -- deforestation, social and environmental responsibility, carcinogenic, formaldehyde free -- all the right buzz words.

Has it ever occurred to you guys that if you don't think Ikea conforms to your religious beliefs, just don't buy their furniture. IOW, try minding your own business.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:02 AM

i just finished remodeling my kitchen. it the course of research for that i did note that consumer's reports rated ikea kitchen cabinets very satisfactory.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:15 PM

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