I Heart Sundays

I just love Sundays when I don't have to work.(Which is every other Sunday during the golf season.) Today is one of those Sundays, and I have taken full advantage thus far. I rolled out of bed around 10am. It would have been earlier, but I went out and had a few beers last night, catching up with friends, and watched Ohio State lose in overtime to Northwestern. (Imagine that.)

After the whole morning Hygiene routine, I proceeded promptly to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, bringing two books with me, one already in progress and one I hadn't started yet. Grabbing my traditional coffee with two shots of exspresso, I proceeded to read both books to their completion. This freed up two spots in my reading queue, so I went to the bookstore.

Next, I returned home, and am currently munching on Salt and Vinegar chips and sushi while watching football on TV, and my fantasy football league scores on the computer.

I should apologize for the mundane nature of this post. I was just loving the day so much that I wanted to record it.

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