As I prepare to depart

Things around the office have been really crazy this last couple of weeks for a variety of reasons. Reason number one is that it seems like tasks swell to whatever the current amount of available time is plus ten percent. Reason number two is that I am leaving town on Saturday and need to find a few hours before I leave to take advantage of Georgia's new advance voting while still finishing out all of my team's projects. Reason number three is that our office culture is one hundred eighty degrees opposed to one that fosters good development and specification processes. Features change, features are dropped, features are added, and while I do my best to keep things in check, I inevitably could do better. (That's one that I have had to struggle with for the last 22 months, so I am not sure that it really counts.) Unfortunately, this means that I end up leaning rather heavily on those around me for support. We'll see how this turns out, but Friday will, without a doubt, be a very interesting day.