The Wisdom Of Forgiveness: Intimate Conversations and Journeys

On the plane, I read The Wisdom Of Forgiveness: Intimate Conversations and Journeys a book about forgiveness authored by Victor Chan and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It's the second book about forgiveness that I have read this summer, and I definitely enjoyed it as much as the other works I have read that involved the Dalai Lama. Victor Chan added a very personal set of insights into the way Tibetan Buddhism views and deals with forgiveness, and that made this book that much more special to me. This personal touch never felt contrived, this man is a friend of the Lama, and his interaction with His Holiness seems to be a special one. I think that anyone, regardless of religous conviction or beliefs, will take something very moving and changing from this book. Forgiveness is something that I seem to struggle with greatly at times, and the interdependent nature of our relationships with the people and world around us is something that I need to think about more when conducting my daily affairs.
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