The Official Site of the 35th Ryder Cup Matches

I probably won't be posting too much for the next week or so, I arrived in Detroit today to work onsite for our coverage of the The 35th Ryder Cup Matches. As usual, Todd has done a fantastic job with the design and coding of the site. It is attractive, easy to use, and reflects the identity of the event itself. My part of the team is primarily responsible for the integration of the Todd's site with our CMS software, and also for the scoring software that will be posting the scores to the site and syndicating them out to our third party partners. As always with the week of an event, we have a lot to do. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't excited to be here for the event, it's a very unique one.
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spoke to your step mom and chris today, learned of your job from them all, good for you!!!!

would like to stay in touch

aunt barbara and uncle jim

ps. has to be exciting in mich. if your a golfer

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