Frances bears down on Atlanta

I flew back on an earlier flight, trying to make sure that Frances didn't interrupt my travel plans during this critical part of our work season. Now it looks as if Frances is bearing right for Atlanta, the heavy rains have already started, so I'm guessing that the Northern part of the system us here. My thoughts go out to the people in Florida, it looks as if the damage there is severe, and especially troubling considering that another storm, Ivan is moving into the same path.
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i don't know about you Robert but my drive into work this morning was all about dodging large puddles and makeing sure the rivers / streams i crossed weren't flooded.

The river behind our office (2000 block Peachtree Street NE) has swelled a lot and we might get to see a flooded parking lot before days end :)

Posted by Blogger jonese on 8:51 AM

I had a tree limb come down over my house last night. It is currently balanced on another limb, undoubtedly to come down on the house at some point. We were still without power when I awoke this morning, and it went out when I was in bed last night. My neighborhood looks pretty torn up, I saw some trees down. My drive into work featured very few working traffic lights.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 10:54 AM

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