Thurman Munson

It seems lately, that this has turned into a Yankees blog. Today marks the 25th anniversary of Thurman Munson's death. For those of you who wouldn't know, Thurman Munson was the catcher for the Yankees in the Seventies. He was a remarkable player. On a team full of leaders and veterans, he was the captain, an honor that might mean more on the Yankees than any other professional sports franchise. (Derek Jeter is the current captain.) I can remember the day, twenty five years ago, when my father walked in the side door of our house, and announced that Thurman Munson had died in a plane crash. At first I thought he was kidding, our family has this odd sense of humor, and I thought he was pulling my leg. It, however, was true, and I was crushed. So, today I remember him fondly, a hero of my youth, a quiet, humble man, despite his myriad of onfield achievements. Today, his locker still sits empty at Yankee Stadium.

Update: There is a great tribute piece on the Yankees Web site.

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