Siebkens Bar

Siebkens Bar
Siebkens Bar, originally uploaded by bump.
While in Lake Elkhart, where we stayed while working the PGA Championship, we ended our days at Siebkens. I believe that we actually drank all of the Guiness that they had, to the point where they actually completely ran out of Guiness. Siebkens is actually a fairly famous bar in the motorcycle and open wheeled racing communities, and the walls, bar and ceiling were covered in stickers for everything related to racing. (Buzz added a PGA sticker while we were there, I wonder how long it will last?) If you are ever in that part of Wisconsin, I recommend the place.

One of the bartenders, Patrick told all sorts of fun stories about the various famous people, from Paul Newman to Ashley Judd, who had ended up there during the racing weekends. (Oh, and the other fun bar in Lake Elkhart, Brown Baer, has the best cornbread I have ever tasted. The cheeseburger may have also been the best I have ever had, but I was too distracted with the slab of cornbread to notice.)

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As you may have heard many times by now... it is Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin not Lake Elkhart! Also the bar is there as is the whole resort area because of the beautiful 4 mile long road course known throughout the world as one of the finest race tracks ever built.... ROAD AMERICA!!!!!! If not for the track and it's many festivities there would be no golf courses, no bars, no restaurants. Pay your homage and repent!!

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Im trying to Bump and his wife Connie...met them in Honduras. My email is I am on Facebook living in Florida

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