Now the number three bump on the web.

For years and years, really since it's inception, I was the number one bump on google. A couple of months ago, some band named bump of chicken took the top spot. I wasn't upset, I don't get a lot of traffic, and I doubt that many people are typing the word bump into google. Now, however, some bicycle club with the abbreviation bump as its name has taken the number two spot away. I am not happy, I feel less bumpy.
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there can be only one. bump on.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:11 PM

robert-this is kelly from storehouse. a co-worker happened to search for "storehouse lenox mall" on google a few weeks ago and found your site. i'm so happy to see that you're enjoying your furniture! i received a customer service award from your "nesting" story in january. so thanks! and-your website got a few more hits!! p.s. i now work at the forum location at peachtree corners in norcross-stop by if you can.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:32 PM

I just started my Blog and didn't know we could search for bloggers with same interests/locations - and I certainly did NOT know that it would put me on the google search (I am #1, bowing) Anyways, of the fellow Georgians I have just located in the World of Blogging, yours was the only blog that made me laugh.

yet another nonfamous alien :D

Posted by Blogger Angel Bear Kiss on 8:41 PM

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