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I'm going to start doing this every Friday. This week's tip is "Drive like you are going somewhere." This is an especially useful tip for those of you who seem to always be in front of me on my way to the office in the morning.
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Well, then, it appears that you must be driving the same route as I am. It does seem that about 92% of all drivers in the ATL have no idea where they are going. They drive slow, cross lanes, never signal, are not concious of impending intersection light changes, and will not drive anywhere near the speed limit, even in daylight, dry conditions. Through extensive travels on the continent, I have found that there is nowhere else that per-capita driving skills are lower than ATL.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 3:42 PM

You live like 2 miles from where you work.

Posted by Blogger bobafred on 4:54 PM

oh, man...bobafred SLAMMED you!!! ha, that sh** funny. so, how long does it take you to drive your "Office Space" 2 miles in the morning, even with the Sunday "OnEveryDayBut" Drivers?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:36 PM

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