New Yankee Stadium Is In The Works

Gothamist: New Yankee Stadium Is In The Works I have very mixed feelings about this. It's a shame that the older parks, with only a couple of exceptions, are being phased out. I'm happy that I have gotten to see as many games at the current Yankee stadium as I have seen. Thinking about Ruth, Mantle, Dimaggio, Gehrig, Maris, Berra, and all the others playing on that same field makes the place seem magical. I was just up there, and saw a game about three weeks ago. The stadium is not as nice as the modern facilities, like Turner Field here in Atlanta. Turner Field gives you ample opportunity to spend more money, and I would guess that would be part of the reason for a newer, yet smaller, Yankee Stadium. More luxury boxes mean more revenue. What is going to happen with Monument Park?
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:25 AM

i heard they plan on moving monument park to the same left field location of the new park.

in my opinion, there will only be 1 good classic park left. wrigley field. fenway should have been imploded years ago, but instead they're making half-assed renovations meanwhile they have a ridiculous wall with garage doors, ladders, and a dumb looking scoreboard that players often get hurt on. not to mention most of the seats suck! little to no view causing neck injuries to fans and whatnot...

yankee stadium needs to stay one of the classics...

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 3:23 PM

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