My new iPAL

After seeing this review of the Tivoli PAL on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools site, I purchased an "iPAL" (the one that matches my iPod in color). It has totally lived up to my expectations, being the perfect bedroom companion to my iPod. It's nice because it takes up very little space on my nightstand, but still has fantastic sound within the volume range I want when I am in bed or getting ready to go somewhere. The bonus is the built-in radio, which I have found myself using more than I thought I would. I haven't used the battery to take it elsewhere, but I could see taking it to the pool, or using it in a hotel room on the road since it is fairly small. If you are looking for a small speaker output for your iPod, this item may very well be the perfect item to fill your need.
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now this and an airport express are on the top of my list of gadgets.

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