Kicking the Oasis

I'm on some wierd kick where I am listening to a lot of older Oasis. They were really good back then. I wonder when I will get tired of it again.
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:25 AM

I've been going through the same phase. I'm hoping their new album will be out by the time I get sick of it.

I've found myself finding some new favourites too. My favourite track was always She's Electric, but in this latest phase that doesn't even make the top 10.

Whatever; The Masterplan; I Hope, I Think, I Know; Cigarettes & Alcohol (regardless if he ripped off T REX); Little By Little; Fuckin In The Bushes; Songbird; Acquiesce; The Hindu Times; Half The World Away, and many many more. None of them on the Morning Glory album. It should send out a message to people who judged Oasis on that one album, goodly or badly, that there is a lot more to them than that one album.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:39 PM

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