A couple more Gmail invites.

I've got more invites to give away. All you need to do to get one is to leave me your name, and current email address in this post's comments.
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Andre Paixao Costa


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:37 PM

Andre Paixao Costa


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:39 PM

Please invite me.
Etienne Consoni da Silva

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 6:39 PM

Name: Tiago Lamarca Galdino
E-mail: tiagolg@terra.com.br

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:14 PM

If you have any more left, I could really use one for my Mom. wdstrathearn AT Hot Mail Dot Com.

Posted by Blogger Bill Strathearn on 1:02 AM

if you have spare invitation, please send to me. My name is Amadhea, my email address is amadheacom[AT]yahoo.com


Posted by Blogger Amadhea on 5:14 AM

Tattoo Mabonzo Kalimasi

teehemkay at yahoo dot com

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 6:17 AM

If you got a spare gmail invitation, my e-mail address is tushe@tushe.net.

Posted by Blogger tushe on 6:58 AM

Hi Robert,
I am a 'Famous Alien' Person interested in having an invite. Would i be the better half of the 'NonFamous Non-Alien' ??
Btw, my email is myr_ough[at]yahoo[dot]com
Thanks in Advance..

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:51 PM

I would love to have a gmail plz
my name is Ron Moreau

my e-mail is ron.jr3@verizon.net


ron (dot) jr3 (at) verizon (dot) net

Posted by Blogger Ron on 2:08 PM

My name is Ron Moreau

my email is ron.jr3@veriozn.net


ron (dot) jr3 (at) verizon (dot) net


Posted by Blogger Ron on 2:10 PM

Wow....I must be really late, but I guess it's worth a try. I know this is a long shot, but if you have any spare GMail invites, I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Steve and my email address is flex-studios@rogers.com (*crossing fingers*).

Posted by Blogger FLEX STUDIOS on 2:20 AM

Hi there, I'd love a gmail account.

bob bobjtowers at yahoo dot ac dot uk

thanks :-)

And have a nice day.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:24 PM

hey jungle boy u wanna chat with an indian redbird. my e-mail is vaquerafam@att.net later c-u soon. I will be yr english teacher . kisses xoxo!!!

Posted by Anonymous REDBIRD on 9:27 AM

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