Apple releases new iPod, will there be a software update for 3G iPods?

As you doubtless know, Apple updated the iPod line today with a different, smaller form factor, and cheaper prices. Of course, since I already have a 40 GB 3g model, I'm more interested in finding out if they plan on updating the OS on my iPod to add the new menu functionality we can see on the 4g models. They have previously not updated the OS on earlier models when they went from 2g to 3g, but there were a lot fewer iPods then than there are now. It's an operating system, and we deserve operating system updates, within reason for our hardware, in my opinion, for our investment. The most recent update does not add the new menus.

Steven Johnson puts his finger on the features missing from this new generation in light of the newly shipping Airport Express units. I seem to remember that Jobs hinted that this was a gap that Apple planned to fill.

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