US GSM carriers sued for handset locking

The three largest GSM carriers in the USA are being sued for locking handsets so that you cannot move handsets between carriers. This may seem like a really good thing, but I worry that this will mean, in the end, an end for the low prices we pay for phones "with new service activation."
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It's really pretty sad to see how far behind the US is in cellphone service compared to Europe and Asia. (Even south america doesn't lock the phones to carriers). Hong Kong has had # portability since 1999.

So if phone prices go up then it's a price I'd be willing to pay for better service. This from a guy who's still usiing a Nokia 8260; then again I don't need my phone to take pictures or blare the latest Outkast tune. I just dont' want it to cutout when I walk into a parking garage or building.

Posted by Blogger asdren on 12:25 PM

Well, you can purchase unlocked handsets now at a higher price. ( I am more frustrated by our vendors inability to roll out the cool new handsets that seem to be available elsewhere, but that you can also buy ( I agree that I would be willing to spend a bit more to get the better handsets, but if I am not doing that already, maybe that is not really the case:-)

Posted by Blogger Robert on 1:01 PM

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