Not as tired as I was yesterday

So, I am finally somewhat back to normal after our weekend marathon of golf fun. Some thoughts that have gone through my head in the last twenty four hours, in no particulate order.
  • People who purchase SUV's should first be sure that they are actually capable of driving an SUV
  • The left lane is for faster traffic, it is the right lane that is for slower traffic.
  • People who work in coffee shops are snarky sometimes.
  • I like women, a lot.
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I agree with you on all of the above! Just the other day, driving my whole family down Ponce, I was nearly killed by three different SUV-drivers who couldn't navigate the tight lanes near City Hall East.

Also, I almost killed my entire family because I was too busy looking around due to it being Atlanta and spring and, well, you know, the last item on your list...

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 10:58 AM

People who drive big-ass SUVs shouldn't complain about gas prices. Nobody forced them to drive a gas guzzler.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 12:38 PM

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