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I have three more gmail accounts to give away. Again, first come first served. Update: No more accounts to give out. Thanks.
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Thanks very much for your kind offer!


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:47 AM

Hey Robert, can my wife get one? (i got hooked up a few days ago, but alas, no invites yet!): rdoshi at aaas dot org

- sunil at widepipe dot org

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:17 AM

Yes, I would like a g mail account.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:31 AM

Two down, one to go?

Posted by Blogger Robert on 11:42 AM

do yo still have one available?

it seems they've been ramping up the invites.
might be getting pretty close to public preview

Posted by Blogger asdren on 11:49 AM

Sorry alex, Amanda got the last one.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 11:51 AM

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