Introducing Brady The Macromedia IDE for Flex

Introducing Brady The Macromedia IDE for Flex Looks, based on the screenshots, like it is based on the Dreamweaver codebase. I tried switching to Dreamweaver for my ColdFusion development on my Mac OS X machines, but it just gets in my way. I love the lean fast feeling of a text editor like BBEdit or Homesite. I continue to maintain that Macromedia would be well served to continue to develop Homesite. It's a shame that, aside from Eclipse and the forthcoming E3, that there isn't a lean text editor on the Mac OS X platform that supports syntax highlighting for ColdFusion. I looked into creating said syntax coloring for BBEdit, and was turned off by the now ancient method of creating said modules.
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Robert, on the mac side of things have you looked at the latest release of SubEthaEdit (2.0)? Creating custom language modes and syntax highlighting is much easier than BBEdit's (i.e. no programming involved). It's mostly just xml files and some regex.

Here's the URL for their documentation if you're interested:

Posted by Blogger Jason on 12:56 PM

I actually have, and have downloaded the docs and read some of them, but this being the busy time of the year for golf, and me working for a golf site, I haven't had the spare cycles to undertake that particular project. It's quite likely that I will, at the very least, make an attempt. It would be nice if we coudl create some sort of community project to work on it, if anyone is interested.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 1:42 PM

jEdit is all that HomeSite was and so much more. There's even a great page out there about how to use it effectively for ColdFusion development.

Posted by Blogger bbrown on 10:14 AM

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