The gift that never, ever, stops giving

More gmail invites. Blah Blah Blah. Ask and ye shall receive, but beware, for ye may be then cursed with the task of giving out gmail invites thyself and a heavy burden it may become on thee.
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I'll take one, sir! is my email address. Thanks, you're good people.

Posted by Blogger Scott on 8:24 AM

if you still have some rob, I wouldn't like one, thanks


paul at

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:05 AM

erm.. ok I guess I am still drunk from last night by wouldn't I mean would :)


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:36 AM

All gone, check back later.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 10:02 AM

I'd love an invite if you get anymore. Send to my email at


Posted by Blogger Mike on 1:59 PM

Yeah, me too. Can i've 1 invitation too please?
Thank you in advance. Send it to

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:49 PM

Please send another one to me. My e-mail is Thanks

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:20 PM

i hope you can send me an invitation for gmail
thanks a lot for your your attention

Posted by Blogger marzban on 11:36 PM

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