Daring Fireball: Dashboard vs. Konfabulator

Mr. Gruber has a very well thought out and articulated essay about the whole Dashboard rips off Konfabulator debate. The essay does a fantastic job of putting things in a historical perspective. If you are a relative youngster to the whole Mac OS thing, I highly recommend you read this essay, you will learn something. I've been using Macs since 1987, and this essay jogged quite a few things in my memory that I had forgotten.
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Guys guys, the guy argues that if you are not an Apple engineer you possibly can not understand what's going on, yet Mr. Gruber seem to know a lot about Windows, Apple etc... even though he is not an Apple engineer or a Microsoft engineer. He is selling to you what you want to hear that is Apple is the best company out there, ethical, technological etc... You all buy it because that's what you want to hear. His arguments do not change anything. Of course they use different technologies, nobody expected Apple to steal code from Konfabulator.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:29 PM

I really can't understand what point you are trying to make.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 2:45 PM

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