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I'm thinking about having a community contest to design a new logo/identity for bump. Despite my best efforts and intentions, I am not a designer, and the sheer amount of effort and practice to make myself better at graphic design is just not something that I can invest in right now. I have a 2nd generation, 20Gb iPod that I am not using anymore, and haven't sold yet. Do you folks think that it would be enough of a prize to inspire good entries? Is the "iPod as a contest prize" thing being done so much right now that people don't even care anymore? What would be a better, but reasonable prize for such a contest? Am I better off just hiring qualified folks to do it for me? I mean this is a personal site, and I do already spend my hard earned money for the priviledge of having it.
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That sounds like a great prize, Robert! If I had graphic design skill I'd be interested, and I have a 10GB iPod already. Give it a try!

Posted by Blogger Dinah on 9:03 PM

So lets get this contest started! I just stumbled across this blog... Don't know what bump means, but clue some of us ignorant folks in with a new post on the matter and Lets Get it On!

Posted by Blogger Brian on 10:34 PM

that's a great prize.
would it include the .net
that is bump.net and icon to go along with it?

Posted by Blogger asdren on 10:41 PM

Robert, I'm down. What are the deadlines? Does the logo need to go with your current blogger theme?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:46 AM

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