ben forta was here

Ben Forta spoke at our ACFUG meeting last night, which I partially sponsored. He mainly spoke about Blackstone, the next version of ColdFusion, and the state of the ColdFusion community. ColdFusion is apparently a thriving market, with quarter over quarter growth for the last nine fiscal quarters. Blackstone takes the next set of steps in merging some Flash technology into the ColdFusion platform where it makes sense, and also brings more reporting functionality to the table. I can't tell you more than that without getting into trouble.

I sponsored the meeting because, in my eyes, I owe ACFUG quite a bit from a career perspective. I have made almost every single important career contact from the last six years of my life at or through ACFUG. My last three jobs have been either in part or completely as a result of my involvement in the organization.

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