The weeks ahead are scary today

Well, last week saw the launch of a new set of software that I wrote, and this software was a substantially refactored version of some software that I wrote last year. I, apparently, was much dumber last year, because I am generating the same result with my software as the set of components I wrote a year ago, but the new version is something like 2200 lines of code shorter. Anyway, I spent a good chunk of my weekend overseeing the live burn-in of that software, fixing some minor bugs that cropped up, and generating a punchlist for some improvements. All fun, and fun to cross a big project off my to do list.

Unfortunately, the end of that project coincides with the true beginning of our busy season. We have our first major event of the season this week. If I remember last year correctly, everything from this event forward is a blur of work.

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