Ten Weeks and I am now flying without a net.

After ten weeks of wearing nicotine patches and managing to remain smoke free, today marks the beginning of my "flying without a net," so to speak. I'm ready for it, and I am going to make it this time. As far as the effects of being smoke free, I feel much better. Not that it has been easy, it hasn't. I've gained a few pounds, and I'm not happy about that aspect of my cessation.
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Way to go! Having never been a smoker, I can't really have sympathy, but I definitely empathize with you.

BTW, I think I saw a bug in the new blogger. I can't remember exactly which entry I was reading, but in the "Previous" sidebar, it was showing entries on which I couldn't click. Might be a "rebuild" error, but I saw one that said, White Space: Blogger vs. TypePad or something like that.

Maybe it's publishing links to "Draft" mode posts???

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 12:30 PM

That's actually my fault, I changed the name of the post. That title should disappear from the sidelinks the next time I rebuild, which should be shortly.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 12:56 PM

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