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Rating Bar puts a small iTunes star rating widget in your menu bar, making it easy to rate your music. I currently use the keyboard commands in Synergy to do this same thing and more(displays album artwork at the beginning of a new song, and provides play etc controls). It got me to thinking that it might be useful to list the ones that I use here for other folks to check out.

So those are the first two from left to right. The third one is BluePhoneMenu. It adds a menu with Signal and Battery strength for your Bluetooth enabled and supported phone (I have the Sony Ericcson T61x.) It also does on screen call notification, which is quite handy if you are a headphone wearing fool like myself.

Fourth from the left is the ubiquitous Quicksilver. I'll save everyone yet another description of this invaluable utility. Next to it is SlimBatteryMonitor which saves me some screen real estate on the menu bar for more utilities without taking away the functionality of the Apple battery monitor.

Next to that is the excellent, donationware, Menu Calendar. It gives me the current date without any hassles, access to a monthly calendar, and easy access to iCal. The rest are all Apple provided ones, Airport, Displays, Applescript, Security, Bluetooth, and Sound.

Got any that you can't live without that I missed? That's what the comments are for baby!!

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can you email me rating bar, i can't find any downloads..........


Posted by Anonymous Jafar on 11:28 AM

yea, ive got a bunch... iStats, which also comes in a widget form. it lets you know on-the-fly information on everything going on in your computer, from hard disk space to RAM usage, to internal temperatures and fan speeds. smcFanControl, which will allow you to view stats on your fan speeds and temperature in your menu bar, AND also CONTROL the fan speeds accordingly. it also allows user to preset settings. iAnitvirus, an additional firewall/disk cleaning/maintenance tool; a great compliment for Safari if youre a loyal fan. A program called "main menu", which allows you to do ANYthing maintenancewise right from the menu bar with the touch of a couple clicks from drop screen menus- a tremendous time saver. SMARTReporter constantly monitors your system and drives, and can inform you ahead of time if there if facing an impending crash. "Mark It" is a nice little "to-do" menu bar add-on that uses very small and unimposing drop screens, and use of colored folders and tags to allow for better organization and prioritization. Caffeine, which allows your computer to stay awake for as long as the user chooses. No going to sleep, screen savers, or getting logged out due to inactivity, all at the click of an icon. The monitor and backlit keyboards will stay lit as well. Also try downloading a nice widget called "Wallsaver" to go with this, which allows you to make any of your screen savers your desktop wallpapers. So no more having to change a bunch of settings when you want it to stay on, or need to walk away for a minute. and to return to normal just click them off. "Eject", which is actually already hidden inside your mac--go to System-Library-CoreServices-Menu Extras-Eject, just click on it, it will appear in your menu bar. There are also a bunch of others you can play with in that folder. if they dont appear in the order you want them to in the menu bar, simply Command-Drag it to the position you like. And last but definitely not least, a fun one: Nocturne, which allows your computer to go into various user and preset night vision modes. Have fun!!! email me at if you need anything else, or for feedback

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:17 AM

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