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RipDigital and MusicRip are two examples of companies that will take your CD collection and rip it for you at about a dollar a disk. I've got a lot of music, and I don't think I really want to spend the kind of money I would have to to get everything ripped. I, however, am thinking about choosing about 200 disks that I really want ripped and sending them off. It would probably take me a weekend to rip 200 disks myself, adding the time it takes to check the meta-data that the CDDB returns, which, for a lot of the stuff I listen to, is somewhat wrong. Anyone used either of these services, or know of any that are better? Let me know in the comments, I guess.
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That's a cool service. How do they deliver the ripped content? DVDs?

The one thing I would worry about is that, given their business model, I'd wager that they use CDDB or some similar service to populate the ID3 tags. With that in mind, I wouldn't expect their tagging to be any better than had you ripped them yourself. But, as you point out, you could save a lot of time with the outsourced ripping, then tagging, versus manual ripping/tagging.

I'd be curious to hear a review of this service, should you go for the service.

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 1:14 PM

I think I am going to send 50 disks to them first and see what comes back. I will make sure that they a representative sample of stuff from my collection. I wonder what they do when a disk does not have a CDDB entry?

Posted by Blogger Robert on 1:29 PM

Just provide me with an external Firewire hard drive big enough, and pay all the shipping costs, and I'll do it for *less* than a dollar per disc!

I've just found my new career...

Posted by Blogger raster on 1:00 PM

How about if someone from MusicRip reads your blog and responds directly?

+ We do use FreeDB. It's simply the most cost effective choice. We have had cases where the client wanted specific guarantees about the quality of the data -- e.g., adding label information, verifying tracks, etc. -- and handled them through a customized order. One account we have with a production company actually has us ripping and prepping pre-released albums, including the cover art scan, the data entry (id tags), and the plain-jane rip into multiple formats that we're well-practiced at.

+ I think you'll find that MusicRip offers the best value. We work really hard to keep our costs low so that we can be the value leader. I actually would appreciate hearing your feedback if you feel that the service would be better at a higher cost with more features.

+ Ripping them yourself is *always* an option. It's true -- what we're doing isn't rocket science, it's a service designed to take a tedious task off our customers' shoulders. You can cook yourself, but yet eat out at restaurants, right? :-) Taking the analogy further (too far?), when was the last time you could deliver a burger and fries in 2 minutes in your own kitchen?

+ Finally, Robert, I would be happy to extend you a discount on that initial 50 CD order. Our margins are actually pretty thin, but I'm sure I can work some magic provided you review us here later. Email me directly and we'll work it out.

Regards to all...

Johnny Fuery
Chief Blog Troller
johnny at musicrip dot com

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 7:42 AM

Johnny -
I think your rates are very competitive. I wouldn't need a discounted rate -- all I really want is the service done well. I'd be interested in reviewing your service if you could rip 75 CD's for me in good quality with reasonably accurate tag info.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:17 PM

I am actually in the process of reviewing their service. I will report here and on the home page when I have reviewed it.

Posted by Blogger Robert on 2:27 PM

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