Movable Type Developer Edition 3.0 announced

Six Apart launches Movable Type Developer Edition 3.0 and a contest for developers.
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Wow! What a yawner. I'm sure the product is fine, but I still can't figure out what is what. This is possibly the most muddled release announcement I've ever read in my life.

While I'm a big fan of MT, I doubt I'll be rocking the upgrade any time soon because, quite frankly, I can't tell how I would benefit. For example, were I to upgrade now, I'd LOSE functionality in terms of blog authors, etc. Since I've already donated for my current version, I certainly don't feel very compelled to pay just because SixApart allegedly rocks.

It would help if I could make any sense at all out of this announcement.

Posted by Blogger Scotty on 5:17 PM

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