I forgive myself, and I forgive you too, well, at least I am working on it

This weekend, I read Calm Surrender: Walking the Hard Road of Forgiveness by Kent Nerburn. It's more of a book of observations about forgiveness, its nature, its role in our lives, and attaining the balance to live with it, than a how-to guide of some sort. These sorts of books seem to be more effective for people of my nature. There is a chapter of the book up on his site if you want to give it a test drive. I really enjoyed the book, and I think it had a good impact on me. It remains to be seen whether that impact is fleeting or if I can make more meaningful change in my demeanor.

Imagine my surprise, after enjoying the book and thinking that I might want to read additional titles by Kent Nerburn, to discover, via the almighty G, of course, that Kent Nerburn has a blog, with an RSS feed and everything.

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