How a Nation Forfeits its Meaning

Dan Gillmor: How a Nation Forfeits its Meaning I feel like plausible deniability is being asserted by the administration, and it is the same kind of slickness that the same group of neo-conservatives who are now such staunch supporters of GW complained about during the Clinton administration. The difference this time is that peoples lives, and everything our country stands for, are at risk. Bush and Rumsfeld are in charge, and, if they are not, then shame on them for that instead and in addition to these atrocities. I can't believe that people are not more outraged by this whole incident. It goes against the very moral core of this country to do stuff like this. I'm embarrassed, frankly, and I would like to see the people responsible for this be punished severely to send a message. As this year goes on, the Bush administration continues to do a fantastic job of driving moderates like myself towards the other party. Mistakes happen, but it's the slick nature of their response to mistakes that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. See also: The Misunderestimated Man.
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