Guardian Evhead Interview

Guardian Unlimited has an interview with Evan, one of the founders of Blogger. It's the first place where I have seen someone from Blogger actually comment on their stand on syndication. He says, "We went with Atom feeds for everybody - they're on new blogs by default - because of the ease of use and simplicity." I mean, it is Google's software, and it is their decision to make, but I think that introducing Atom into the equation makes it more confusing. Even today, on a mailing list of some fairly technology savvy people that I am on, someone asked the RSS vs. Atom question, and I grimaced. If the best argument for going with Atom as a Syndication format is ease of use and simplicity, then they don't really have a decent argument for not offering both and making Atom the default. This just makes them look ridiculous and bitchy to me. (via)
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