Kinja, the weblog guide, launches

Kinja has launched, you can find my digest here. I haven't had enough time to think about it yet, but at first blush, I prefer to use RSS for this sort of thing, mainly because I track hundreds of sites, not just five or six.

Update: Nick Denton, the boss over at Gawker, has a post about Kinja, the thinking behind it, and the intended target audience. He also explains that they were totally aware of the News reader explosion(RSS/Atom) when they decided to go down this road. He also sent me a link to his digest, which is subscribed to over 600 sites. I maintain that this won't be a good tool for following that many sites unless one is able to keep refreshing and checking that page. On the other hand, for the audience that would be interested in following fewer sites, this seems like it could be a good graphical tool without having to search for the rss feed, which is on a different part of seemingly every blog that doesn't have automagical discovery enabled. Another feature that could end up making it a lot more useful would be the ability to create multiple digests under a single account. Then one could create small subject specific blogs for each area that one follows. Still, I am obviously not the target user for a system like this. I wonder however, if my mother is, or my less technical siblings.

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