Day Three on the patch

Day two was much worse than day one. The cravings were pretty bad during the day at work. I went to see the Lakers play the Hawks last night. We had a couple of beers during the game, which didn't seem to make matters worse, which is surprising to me. Afterwards a nice late supper at a local brewpub, where I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in years. It was a nice night. The cravings got much worse at the end of the night, and I felt relieved to wake up this morning knowing that I weathered the storm. Usually, day three has been the worst day for me when quitting, but so far, it hasn't been that bad. We'll see as the afternoon wears on. I've been working very hard to adapt my mental toolset to deal with the mindgames necessary to convince myself that the cravings will subside.
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