Day Five, Smoke Free

Well, I've made it to Friday smoke free. It has been pretty rough at times, but I feel really peaceful about things right now. My moodiness hasn't been nearly as bad I remember it being during previous quit attempts. I'm chalking that up to a combination of my emotional maturity level being higher, and the fact that I am more hard nosed in terms of my quitting mental state. I think the first time that I quit, when I made it a full year before relapsing, I was equally as positive about my desire to quit. The relapse was a moment of mental weakness involving alcohol, and I've decided that, instead of avoiding social drinking situations as I did when I quit that time, I'm going to go ahead and put myself in those situations throughout the quitting process because I think that will help me to develop the mental hardness necessary to stay quit months from now. I'm still a bit scared of being in those situations over the next few weeks, this weekend should be an interesting study in how strong my desire is.
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