mini iPod hand on.

I got a chance today to inspect the iPod mini at the Atlanta Apple Store. It was even smaller than I thought it would be. For me, it wouldn't really fill a practical place in my tech arsenal, I already have a 40 Gb regular iPod. I was, however, impressed with it. Afterwards, out of curiousity, I took a run over to my local CompUSA to look at the other music players that are in the same price/size class. There are larger players that are quite a bit bigger, have more storage, and are only a bit more than the mini, but there really aren't any other players that are in the same class in terms of the overall size and storage capacity of the device. It feels well made, and somehow more durable than the other small players. The controls and display are what I have come to expect from Apple's music players, usable and readable, and this is one area where many of their competitors have constantly fallen down in design. I would say that, if you have a need for a music player that is the right size for the gym or running, and 4 Gb is enough space for you for your day to day music needs, then the mini is not a bad solution. iPodlounge took one apart.
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