iSync plug-ins

I got my machine back from Apple when I returned to Atlanta after the Christmas holiday. They ended up replacing not only the hard drive, but the display, display bezel, keyboard and some other parts. This was odd to me because I only took it in for the hard drive issue. The new keyboard is nice though, I had worn shiny spots on a bunch of the keys on the old one.

As you might expect, I had to reinstall virtually everything after having the hard drive replaced. It made me realize just how great I think iSync is. My Safari bookmarks and contacts were on the machine in a few minutes, and it saved me the terrible task of rebuilding these things. This also made me realize that Apple needs to extend iSync with an API that third parties can take advantage of in their own applications. It would be great to have my NetNewsWire subscriptions or Transmit bookmarks move over in the same way. I went to the iSync feedback form and asked. I wonder if I shall ever receive?

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